The Benefits of an Antiaging DietYou’ve likely heard the saying “you are what you eat.” While not true in any literal sense, the phrase breaks down the fundamental fact that diet plays a pretty large role in how we feel. When you eat a diet filled with processed foods you will start to feel it inside and out. Changing your diet to include more whole foods as well as natural and fresh items can significantly boost the way you feel. This is why following a healthy diet is such an integral aspect of your antiaging program in Waxhaw, Matthews and Charlotte.

There are countless ways to make a healthy meal, but all have a few core concepts in common. These foods are natural, not highly processed. They are also fresh, using real ingredients that are not altered to preserve them. Most importantly, they are nutritionally beneficial, avoiding problematic trans fats, sodium and sugar that can wreak havoc on your body. That being said, there are certain ingredients that are associated with more youth-like energy levels and appearance.

Here are a few foods that you should incorporate into your anti-aging diet plan:

  • Carrots: This vegetable is great for your skin as well as your vision. Carrots are rich in vitamins A, B and C and are also a mild anti-inflammatory. Eating carrots regularly is associated with tighter skin thanks to their ability to improve elasticity, potentially reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Ginseng: Great for your digestive and heart health, ginseng is also associated with the ability to regulate cholesterol levels, blood sugar and blood pressure. Ginseng was once more valuable than gold itself, but now it is regularly used in teas and Eastern cuisine. This root is also associated with improved cognitive function, which makes it a positive component of any anti-aging diet plan.
  • Tumeric: This spice is another natural anti-inflammatory that is able to reduce the effect of Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis. Tumeric is also able to fight infection introduced into the body and protect the liver. Tumeric might also be able to help protect against certain types of cancer.

Following a healthy diet is a fundamental aspect of any health and wellness program. Try incorporating more natural whole foods into your diet, like lean protein sources, fruits and vegetables in addition to the items listed above. These simple ingredients can often be incorporated into healthy recipes to add a boost of anti-aging therapy into mealtime.