Finding Energy with Anti-Aging TherapyEnergy is largely controlled by hormone levels in your body, and these will naturally fluctuate with age. Drops in estrogen and testosterone levels can lead to depression, severe fatigue and decreased sex drive—factors that can potentially influence your quality of life. A decrease in energy levels is one of the most common reasons people turn to anti-aging therapy for support.

There are many who attribute declined energy levels to an inevitable consequence of increased age. Popular notions about retirement and lazy afternoons reinforce this opinion, but the truth is that your age doesn’t have to influence how active and alert you are daily. Some forms of anti-aging therapy, including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, can boost energy by stabilizing hormone levels.

Other factors that may influence your energy levels include:

  • Nutrient intake: Following a healthy diet can give your energy levels a significant boost. Protein, whole-grain carbohydrates and B Vitamins are especially helpful in increasing energy levels.
  • Sugar and caffeine: These are the two things reached for most often in the name of fighting fatigue. While they may give you a quick temporary boost, they are more likely to leave you feeling even more tired after an hour or so.
  • Exercise: It may sound counter-intuitive, but expending energy through regular activity can help you sleep better and stabilize your energy levels throughout the day. Regular cardiovascular activity is especially helpful.
  • Hydration: When you are dehydrated your body starts to systematically shut down, causing you to feel tired. Do your best to drink 64 ounces of water daily—more if you are in the sun or exercising frequently.

Behaviors like these can have a big effect on your energy levels when you do them regularly. In time, you may find that your energy levels are significantly higher thanks to an overall healthier lifestyle.

There is a growing trend of adults staying in the full-time workforce well into their 70’s—long after they’ve gone through menopause or andropause. The desire and ability to do this can often be at least partially credited to a healthy lifestyle that encourages good nutrition habits, regular activity and a lot of natural energy.

For optimal energy levels, consider combining healthy lifestyle habits with your anti-aging therapy.